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Bucknell Study: ‘Send pics’—How Men and Women Use Snapchat differently

Joel Wade

New research from a team at Bucknell University suggests that men and women use Snapchat differently. It comes as no surprise that the difference involves sex.

In a survey of 450 men and women between the ages of 18 and 28, researchers found that men are more likely than women to ask for hookups and solicit nude photos on the social media app. Survey results showed that 29 percent of men, versus 17 percent of women, have used the app to ask someone for a hookup. Half of the male respondents indicated that they have asked someone to send them a nude photo through Snapchat, while only 13 percent of female respondents said the same.

“Previous research has shown that men are more interested in short-term relationships and have adapted strategies for finding willing mates,” explained Joel Wade (pictured), professor of psychology and lead researcher, “What’s happening here is men are using Snapchat as a mate selection tool: a woman who is open to sending a nude photo of herself through the app is more likely to also be willing to engage in a short-term hookup.”

The study is the first to investigate sexual behavioral use on Snapchat. It was published online this week by the journal Personality and Individual Differences.

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